Difference between guys and girls

That that guys and girls different is obvious, and does not raise doubts even at fluent external comparison in style of the children’s game “find 10 differences”. But the modern world dictates us new realities – emancipation, feminization, human rights, a mode on uni-sex. From here the incorrect impression can be created that the difference is insignificant. But it not so. For a seducing it is exact very much and very essential part – a difference between the guy and the girl. And here in the relations there can already be also some corrections on the modern world (as, for example, change of roles – girls can earn more, and men to watch children). Anyway it is necessary to separate accurately for itself – in what we differ and in what – are equal.

The main problem which can follow from confusion and between roles of the man and woman in the modern world is a loss of ritual of courting and a seducing. Men become more and more womanly, and women should become more courageous and more courageous. It turns out that it seems as girls have to get acquainted, initiate rapprochement and take other first steps. But in reality everything is not so iridescent, and guys who are deprived of natural beauty (and a male body more rough by the nature), do not enjoy popularity at girls. Earlier, everything was simpler – for the man the beauty was not the main quality if he correctly won back the male role. Today everything became much more difficult … Nevertheless, I want you to calm – if you cultivate traditional male qualities, and will add to them also personal care and the appearance, you still receive all the most beautiful and successful girls.


The main thing that it is necessary to understand is from where the difference undertakes and as to use it for success at girls. And, to understand, it is necessary to dig slightly deep into stories. Traditional division of roles comes from patriarchal society, and it is only partially provided with a difference of a structure of a body and physiology. Besides the huge role is played by education. Girls since the childhood play with dolls, listen to tales of princesses and are brought up by mothers so that to become then the girl. Process of education of guys in bark differs – they play with tell-tales, participate in man’s competitions, and parents initially see in it the man and speak to it about it. So it was got traditionally in many societies. And in the modern world, despite all fashionable tendencies to gender equality, cultural traditions are not lost. So any girl, in adult age already precisely knows how “the real woman” has to behave and as “real man” has to behave. The same concerns also guys. Another thing is that not all want to strain and win back the role in our liberal world. But that someone does not want something, heaven and earth was not moved yet. And if the girl behaves as the real woman – soft, graceful, gentle, sexual and womanly, she will receive an attention maximum from men. But also she to herself will choose the worthy man who as much as possible corresponds to the role – strong, sure, firm, courageous.

Except a role difference, there is still a difference physiological and psychological. We are differently arranged, and differently we derive pleasure, including the sexual. But at everything thus (here the nature already tried) we provided full compatibility which provides reproduction of a sort. However, it is impossible to rely on the nature for a long time since we got ability to think, were socialized and became people. It leaves a certain mark and obligations to understand the partner that aiming to a maxim of the pleasure, we remained in harmony with the partner. The simplest example: for the man it is natural to aim at shorter sexual intercourse, and for women – at longer. In reality it is necessary to look for a compromise that couple could exist harmoniously.

The main conclusion which arises itself is that on the man two responsibility lie at once. First, it is necessary to remain after all the Man at a seducing of girls (in business relations, friendly and even family, it can already be not so). Secondly, you should understand, how in general “who such woman?”, and specifically your darling. Only through understanding of the role and understanding of the girl, you will be able to come to success, both in a seducing, and in the relations.