Every woman needs to have high self-esteem

The self-respect is very important component of life of each person. For the woman, it is paramount feeling which can help her to find a way to itself and to understand that she is worthy all best.

It is not necessary to confuse egoism to this feeling. The self-respect is an internal self-confidence and that the Universe will give us all the best, and we it is worthy.

Why woman has no self-respect?

confident womenSince the childhood inspire in us that it is necessary to work hard that someone gave us, the fact that we want. And we with such confidence work on ourselves to reach perfection and at last to become worthy for something good. We forgot that with birth we were already given everything that we need also it the best for us. But we cannot use it because we consider ourselves “not so good” that to accept it.

Usually it occurs because most often since the childhood we are deprived by that guardianship, safety and care to which could be surrounded by ours of the parent. They work for the benefit us, earning money for necessary needs, forgetting about inner world of the daughter.

Now such time when all these of understanding are remembered and is people who think of it and put it in the life and life of the children.

Advantage in the woman wakes up when she begins to understand and appreciate the desires. Despite the fact that say to us that it is necessary to forget about himself, and first of all it is necessary to look good in the opinion of people around and to work for the benefit of society.

Actually, it is impossible to make much for others, without having taken care of themselves, and without having filled with love and harmony.

Here tell what the woman exhausted and forgotten about herself can share? The grief, pain and fatigue?

How to develop self-respect?

Therefore, I suggest to look, first of all, at myself and to remember that we are women, we came initially pure and divine here, and worthy the best on light. And it does not need to be proved to anybody. All this games of our Ego which constantly compares us to others. We are such with what we were created by God, and it is at least already perfect.

In us it is inspired about the childhood that we have to study, obey well and to care for all. And we grow up and we do it, forgetting about ourselves.

It is necessary to stop and glance in himself, to listen to the desires and to allow himself to have all these desires, and, the most important, we have the right to execute them everything, to please ourselves with trifles and to dare to do favorite things. It so fills us and pleases.

For some reason, many women think that if they take care of the own life, then the world will fail around. That there will be nobody to care for a family and children.

Actually, nothing will fail if you devote a couple of hours to yourself favorite and grant the desires. If you think that it someone has to for you do another, then you very strongly are mistaken. Everything begins with your internal attitude towards itself, and then already all surrounding people reflect it to you.

Therefore, if you what that want, take and you do. You want a chocolate – buy, you want flowers – please yourself, and can you want in beauty shop – that it needs to be made surely. Please yourself, as often as possible, and do it of pleasure, and do not torment yourself then with a remorse that could buy something to children or the husband. They need first of all quiet and happy mother and the wife, but not one more pair of sneakers.
The woman’s signs with self-respect

The woman with self-respect knows that will always take care of her. That if she got into a difficult situation at this moment always there will be the one who will help her. She will use the female principle and will ask the help, and she will be helped surely by worthy men.

The self-confident woman will think that she can do everything and will rest to do, losing at the same time the feminity and energy. She is sure that she does not need in supports that at her everything is already planned and she will achieve everything independently. Here therefore her also deprive of this support.

The principle of independence is purely male principle. The woman is given birth for execution of the desires, through internal filling by love and harmony.

The woman having self-respect always looks perfectly because she with love cares for the soul and a body, pleasing herself with different recipes of beauty and surprising female practicians. She does it with pleasure and love, but not because so it is necessary. Such woman does not do anything with a great effort because everything that we do contrary to ourselves, takes away energy from us and devastates us.

Our female task to do everything with pleasure, and it sometimes not really simply.

Also, the self-respect does not allow women to run for men and to elicit love. The woman can allow or not allow to love herself. She is worthy to choose the best from the admirers, and does not allow to treat herself unworthy. Stops such relations at once.

When such woman chooses for herself the worthy man, she devotes him the life. But it not in which case does not deprive of her self-respect. She knows that it the best, she helps it and, the most important, believes in him, without forgetting about itself and does not endow itself. Such woman is filled itself with love and by that fills the man with force and energy.

As soon as the woman loses self-respect in the relations, her partner mirrors her about it, the disrespect and unworthy behavior. Therefore, you watch closely the mirrors that in time could return to themselves.

I hope, I convinced you that the self-respect is just necessary as air, the woman.