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How to choose quality webcam for cam girl work

For what first of all the webcam is bought? Certainly, to install on the personal computer and to make video calls. In this guide I want more specifically address this question because still it’s relevant and sometimes people do not know that it is necessary for them and go to shop hoping for managers opinion, and there already depends on them that to you will be sold. The purpose of this guide – to educate cam girls and answer questions that it what features and to what it is necessary to pay attention at the choice. Most high quality webcam chat sites require models to use good quality webcam devices and high-speed internet connection in order to get permission to perform using their platforms. The better you have, the better stream quality you will broadcast to paying members, the more they will want to private chat with you, and finally the more money you will earn. So, to what it is worth paying attention choosing quality webcam device for new cam girls just starting in nude webcam chat rooms. Let’s observe most important technical specifications which will help you to make a right decision and get yourself a decent webcam.

Webcam matrix

Choosing the good webcam, it is necessary to pay attention to type of its matrix. It can be:

  • CMOS – if to you needs the device for house communication no more, then also this will approach. Inexpensive and less qualitative.
  • CCD – it will be suitable for more professional purposes or serious work of the display of the quality picture demanding from the camera. Higher at cost, but issuing more quality picture.

It is worth getting professional in case it is really necessary to you, otherwise special you do not feel a difference.

Sizes and resolution

It even more important parameter to which pay attention more often. Exerts a great influence on quality of the image. Permission is meant as quantity of points (pixels) across and down of which the photosensitive matrix consists. Naturally, the permission of a matrix is higher, the it is more than these points and they smaller, and, so it is possible to receive more exact, qualitative and detailed image. Permission is measured in megapixels (in one megapixel one million pixels, forming the image).

That is the matrix the size in 0.3Mpx is permission 640×480 points (pixels). It is the minimum.

The matrix sizes it 1.3Mpx (1280×1024) and 2.0Mpx are most relevant today (1920×1080).

Because of the matrix sizes the device cannot be on sale at high price.

Here it is already necessary to be guided by the speed of yours the Internet of connection. If it is higher than 1 MB/sec., I would advise to take with a stock 2.0Mpx (1920×1080) – 3.2Mpx (2048×1536). If that is lower better higher 1.3Mpx not to take.


The important parameter defining the minimum degree of illumination of an object at which the webcam is capable to take pictures of acceptable quality. In other words – the sensitivity defines at what minimum lighting will comfortably work in Skype.

It is necessary to notice that at insufficient illumination even expensive webcam with a CCD matrix will issue the picture with hindrances therefore take care of lighting in the room. The sensitivity of a matrix of the webcam is measured in luxury (lux).

Number of frames per second

Surely pay attention to this parameter (otherwise fps can be called), at its value less than 30 videos will “brake” and hang. 30 frames per second – quite acceptable size for transfer of the continuous video image. Practically all modern webcams have such frequency. The webcams having fps from 40 and more of course are more expensive, but also quality of the image at them at height.


Possibility of automatic detection by the device of focal length to an object. At any normal webcam there is this opportunity.


How the camera is connected to your personal computer. In other words is USB. It was possible and not to consider this question because present cameras have 2.0. But here It should be noted that it is necessary to look what length at a cable and to be convinced that it will be enough from the camera to the system unit. Now there are cameras which use adapters for the Wi-fi or Bluetooth connection.

Additional features

Now many webcams have a set of additional functions. So, for example, except photography function the webcam can have a video filming option, an option of editing information. At the webcam there can also be an electronic control contrast and brightness, automatic correction of color scale and frame rate, function of an autozoom, illumination (light-emitting diode). Except all this, the webcam can be used for video surveillance if it is equipped with the detector of the movement and has the rotary mechanism. A time the possibility of additional setting up the image – correction of color, brightness and balance white is useful. The built-in microphone is at will. If you think that you it will not be heard when the camera is attached to the monitor, and you in meter from him is a mistake. There will be of course hindrances, but not considerable.


Of course, here to you to solve whether it will stand on the shelf, on a table or it is attached on the monitor, but nevertheless I would recommend you the last option.


From inexpensive and high-quality devices of video conference pay attention to the SVEN brands: A4Tech, Logitech, Defender. From expensive and qualitative it is of course Microsoft, Logitech, D-link, Creative, Genius, Intel, Philips, PerfectGift, Mustek.

So, if you need the inexpensive webcam communicating with relatives and friends, then advise to stop on the following option:

  • resolution is 640 x 480 pixels,
  • automatic aiming on sharpness,
  • without the built-in microphone,
  • with the USB 2.0 interface.

To more pretentious users we recommend to pick the webcam with the following:

  • with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • built-in microphone
  • able to bring closer the subject by means of digital scaling
  • the possessing function of automatic tracking the face of the user.

As a rule, such devices are supplied with the developed software provided by manufacturers.