When you only start meeting the girl, you still do not know much about her, especially, that she loves that it is pleasant to her. I consider that here it is not necessary to hurry and arrange interrogation to the girl if everything turns out, over time you also will know so about her much. Now you need to be very attentive, to remember her opinion on different things and to use it to itself on a hand.

Conversation best of all helps to learn more about the person. Communicate with the girl during your walks. But that this communication was not one-sided, do not forget to tell about yourself. Also something about the girl can be learned from her pages on social networks. Appear its page, look, to what music it listens, what hobbies at it. It will help you to understand, in what direction it is necessary to move further.

How it is possible to learn what exactly is loved by the girl?

Culinary preferences. It is easiest to receive such information in cafe, bar or restaurant. During viewing of the menu take an interest that it is pleasant to the girl most of all. If in this place you were earlier, can offer the girl a dish which you already tried, tell that it has to be pleasant to her. By no means it is impossible to choose and furthermore to order food or drinks instead of the girl. First, you know the lady insufficiently to choose instead of her. Secondly, it enrages many girls when the guy solves everything.

Somewhere already on the fifth appointment to surprise the girl, can offer game. The girl chooses food to you, and you by it. So you will be able to look, how well know each other, and the girl will not be angry that you made the order instead of her.

Do not forget that this most suitable place to ask questions of food. After such talk with the girl at you 100% will develop about her and her tastes though some impression.

Musical preferences. As I already spoke, you can learn about such preferences of the girl by means of social networks, but there is also other way. When you walk somewhere with the girl, suggest it to listen to music. Tell that always carry with yourself the player, and now music will be just by the way. Try to prepare the playlist still houses, throw the most favorite music. During such listening you will be able to understand, whether there are at your general tastes and interests.

After you find music which is pleasant to both of you, can quietly pass to movies and books. Begin with a question “And you saw this movie?”. If conversation goes well, you learn a lot of new about the girl, and not only about art tastes, and about other her outlooks on life.

Views of entertainments. If in the future you want to make to the girl any surprise or it is simply interesting to you as the girl likes to have a good time, invite her in the disco club. If the girl answers yes, that you can continue a subject, asking as often the girl visits such clubs, and which institutions she prefers. If the girl answers are not present, ask why suggest to tell, how exactly she prefers to have a good time.

If the girl very quiet or is brought strictly up, you can ask on her relation to life or religion that then know that really it is pleasant to her, and on what she has a taboo.

How to find out what the girl loves and that is pleasant to her

Views of religion. If you are interested in the girl’s relation to religion, for such questions, I consider, it is necessary to pick up the moment. Ask about it only when both of you are very relaxed, and you will disturb nothing. It is best of all to do it when you lie somewhere in the fresh air, to look in the sky and to think of the eternal. At such moments the reason of the person is pure and ready to be started up in philosophy. Or simply ask about it the girl when there is a right moment.

Plans for the future. I do not know as among guys, but for girls, especially senior, years 20 – 22, it is very important that the guy had idea that wants from life and somehow achieved it.

If you want to learn how to treat it the girl, simply ask what plans for the future at it. Then can lay the blame on guys and ask as to be pleasant to it more when the guy thinks of the future or when he is necessary on a happy occurrence.

Will be very opportunely if you ask, what traits of character the girl appreciates in people. I consider that after such conversation on the person it is possible to learn much more, than after any other talk.

Preferences are less considerable. Above I tried to call the main preferences of girls which can be interesting to you – guys. If you want to learn about the girl and her interests something else, ask about it when there is a right moment or when it simply wants to you. I think, it it is easy for you and with pleasure will answer.

As you know much about preferences of the girl and her relation to life now, it will be easy for you, at least, easier, to make some surprise or to choose for it a dish at restaurant.

Why I consider, what is better hidden to be interested in preferences of the girl? Yes, because then when you collect enough information on her, it will be easier for you to surprise her. You plainly and asked nothing, and here so precisely select gifts for the girl as though her know half-lives.