What equipment camgirls need to start live shows?

What it takes to be a real star in the sex cam scene? Well the first thing you need to take care of is equipment. Every cam girl needs a good setup to be ready to go online, it consists a decent lighting system, up to date computer and of course the most important thing – high speed internet speed because transfer of high definition stream needs a lot of bandwidth and high speed.

logitech hd webcamTop choices among camgirls often are Logitech webcams, but a lot of them even use modern cameras to stream in HD format. You can see a clear difference then you enter chat rooms, the picture difference is obvious comparing regular webcam and HD video cam. It brings a lot of entertainment to live sex cams and often is internet speed is low you can see lag in video stream, that annoys the shit out of majority of guys and they leave the room. One key point then choosing webcam is too look at the price, as old saying says, the higher the price – the better quality you get so it’s not necessary to buy Logitech, you can choose and cheaper cam hardware, but keep in mind of the quality and durability.

Lighting system is a must if model wants to reach top of girls list, just think about it, even supermodels who are in the magazine covers need that, so we would other girls be different, of course it helps a lot, but we want real girls so there is no reason to overdo it. The most used setup of such system is called tree point system: setup looks like that – tree lights, one positioned to the left, other to the right and one straight to the model, the more directly it’s pointed to you the better. The advantages of such system is that removes shadows and customer gets the best possible live cam picture he can.

Video explaining basics of lighting system

Now about internet speed the girl needs, most of the time, as ordinary users we only pay attention to download speed, but most internet providers offer high download speeds and upload is very limited. This is important because during live sex cam shows model is uploading video to server, so upload speed is the most important aspect. Optimal upload speed connection camgirl should have is 1-3 mpbs. As of computer for that, you should always pick desktop, because it’s cheaper otherwise you would need a high-end machine like Apple iMac which costs a fortune.

These are the main points for camgirls to consider if they want to be successful and provide us with the best sex cam services.